Au 7 rue de la bourse 84000 AVIGNON

Contact régie : Andréas  +33 (0) ou *protected email*
Parle Français – Speaks English – Spricht Deutsch – Spreekt Nederlands.

  • 49 seats on foldable and upholstered chairs
  • Air conditioning
  • A 5m x 3m stage, 40 cm high, covered with a black vinyl floor.
    and fitted with retractable curtains on the courtyard and garden sides.
  • Height under light rails 3.30 m.
  • Black curtain in stage background retractable on projection screen.
  • Clearance in courtyard side corridor.
  • Reception actors: lodges, dressing rooms, relaxation area and storage space for your decors on the first floor: in an apartment of 60m2 you will find a room
    of 8m2, a toilet, a dressing room of 3m2 with
    racks for your costumes, several cells for your storage of
    decors and a large relaxation room with sofa, table, refrigerator,
    coffee machine and display case to store your flyers and posters.
  • Storage decors: 1m3 per company
  • The box office is installed on the "place des corps saints".
    There you can sell your tickets one and a half hour before your show starts.
    The box office is equipped with a credit-card terminal.
    The box office is allso equipped with led lights and a sound system (mp3, etc.) and 2 holographic displays on each side.
  • 3 grande Panneaux d’affichage sur la rue.

Régie :
PC i7 , with tactile 27" screen. Windows 10
with a DMX light control box and software : « DasLight dvc4 gzm »
Or with a DMX light control box ENTTEC DMX USB PRO MK2 + DMX Software FreeStyler. ( or your compatible software)
 Ou Console lumière Starway
DMX 24 circuits 48 programs and Chase with 999 steps
 Ou Console Starway Chaman

Lights :
 6 PC 500 – 3 PC 1000
 4 PAR 16 GU10
 8 PAR 56 300 W
 4 PAR 500
 4 Can Par 7x18W RGBWA+UV
 2 Can Par 18x18W RGBWA+UV
 3 PAR 62 LED RGB
 2 PAR 12x12W LED RGBW
 5 mini spot LED RGBW
3 x 500W cut-outs
1 Pursuit
 3 LYRES spot LED
 1 Vidéo projector Full HD

Sound :
 8-channel HPA mixing console
 Retour the box MA8/2 CL
 2 Behringer amplified speakers