Our theatre for your Avignon OFF Festival :
du 07 au 31 juillet 2021

Propose us your shows to be part of the programming of the Théâtre de l'Ambigu.

During the Avignon 2021 festival, the Ambigu theatre offers you the following slots
90 minutes between 10am and 10pm, including the duration of the show and set-up/dismantling.

The slots :

10h/11h30 – 11h30/13h – 13h/14h30 – 14h30/16h16h/17h3017h30/19h19h/20h3020h30/22h – 22h/23h30

The slots are mainly offered for rent.

*Barred slots are no longer available.*

Our programming :

We are looking for quality shows in both form and content.

We enjoy specifically the various and original themes and forms that leaves a trace in the spectator's mind.

Musical shows are also welcome in the evenings, just as we favour children's shows in the mornings.

We like to maintain a friendly and even punctually festive atmosphere during these three weeks of the festival spent together. 
We ourselves are actors, authors, directors and producers. 
We know the joys as well as the difficulties of this profession, 
if the need arises we do our best to support you.

Adresse Théâtre de l’Ambigu, 7 rue de la Bourse, 84000 Avignon

Mariane : +33 (0)6 64 88 11 24
Catherine : +33 (0)6 15 76 58 89
EMail : ambigu.theatre@gmail.com

Avignon_Ambigu Theatre


En cas d’annulation du 2021 festival d’Avignon décidées par les autorités sanitaires et administratives, les responsables du théâtre s’engagent à rembourser productions et compagnies de l’intégralité des sommes versées au titre d’acompte pour la réservation d’un ou plusieurs créneaux. Les sommes seront remboursées par chèque pour les compagnies et productions françaises et par virement pour les structures étrangères accompagné d’un justificatif de remboursement.


In case of cancellation of the 2021 Festival d’Avignon decided by the health and administrative authorities, the theater managers undertake to reimburse productions and companies for the totality of the sums paid as a deposit for the reservation of one or more slots. The sums will be reimbursed by check for French companies and productions and by bank transfer for foreign structures accompanied by a proof of reimbursement.

Avignon_Ambigu Theatre

Mariane : 06 64 88 11 24
Catherine : 06 15 76 58 89
EMail : ambigu.theatre@gmail.com